Watch the Largest Truck in the World BELAZ 75710 (Video)


Watch the Largest Truck in the World BELAZ 75710 (Video)

If you like modern technology, especially exotic things, the largest and largest truck in the world is BELAZ 75710 – Video from Belarus (Belarus). Do not forget to watch the video and enjoy the enormity of this truck.


What is BELAZ 75710?

It is a mining truck that was designed and manufactured by the Belarusian company BELAZ. It is currently the largest haul truck in the world, measuring 20.6 meters long, 8.16 meters high, and 9.87 meters wide. The truck has a carrying capacity of 450 metric tons and can reach a top speed of 64 kilometers per hour.

It is currently the largest mining dump truck in the world, having a payload capacity of up to 450 metric tons. It is powered by two 16-cylinder diesel engines and has a top speed of 64 km/h.

This truck is designed to transport massive amounts of material over long distances and is used in various mining operations all over the world. It is an impressive engineering marvel, and the video of it in action is worth checking out.

▶ The Largest Truck Specifications (Video)

Watch the Largest Truck in the World BELAZ 75710 (Video)
Watch the Largest Truck in the World BELAZ 75710 (Video)

It is one of the largest trucks manufactured in history and is manufactured by BELAZ. With a capacity of 500 tons of cargo, this truck is one of the largest and tallest cargo trucks in the world.

It has a four-wheel drive powered by hydraulic steering, with a 20-m axial winding capacity. This giant truck can carry 450 tons. Its weight is 360 tons – much more than the previous model, which was 240 tons. Watch the Largest Truck


BELAZ 75710 Measurements

Length: 20.6 meters, height: 8.16 meters, width: 9.87 meters. This truck has a power drive, Siemens MMT 500 (with AC / AC operated by diesel and electricity transmitted by ELA transformers).

Powered by two 65-liter 16-cylinder diesel engines, each with 2,300 hp. It has two engines working with us and gives 4,600 horsepower. This, in addition to dual lead frames, requires great experience for those who drive.

BELAZ 75710 has a maximum speed of 64 km/h and is capable of carrying a maximum load of 450 tonnes. It has an automated gearbox that enables smooth and efficient operation. The transmission is hydro-mechanical and is operated through a three-speed gearbox.

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Advanced Braking and Safety Systems

The braking system is equipped with a disc parking brake, a handbrake, and a retarder system. The BELAZ 75710 also has an advanced onboard computer system for monitoring engine and transmission parameters. It also has several other features, such as a GPS navigation system, a tire pressure monitoring system, and a diagnostic system.

Also, it has many safety features, such as an automatic fire suppression system, an emergency stop system, and machine health monitoring. In addition, it is fitted with many accessories, including a two-way radio, a reverse camera, and a remote monitoring system. This allows operators to monitor the machine remotely, ensuring that it is operating correctly and safely.



Technological marvel with many advanced features. Here are some of its most notable characteristics:


The truck is powered by two 16-cylinder diesel engines that together generate 4,600 horsepower. This allows the BELAZ 75710 to move its massive load with ease.


It has eight tires, each of which is 4 meters in diameter and weighs around 5.5 tons. These tires are specially designed to handle heavy loads and provide maximum traction and stability.


The truck has a unique suspension system that allows it to navigate rough terrain and maintain stability even on steep inclines. The suspension system also helps reduce the impact of the truck’s weight on the ground, minimizing damage to the road surface.


The cab of the BELAZ 75710 is spacious and comfortable, with a modern design that includes air conditioning, sound insulation, and ergonomic controls. The driver’s seat is also equipped with a vibration reduction system to minimize the impact of the truck’s movements on the operator.


Fuel Consumption

(according to company data) is 198 g / kWh per engine, with the option to run on only one if it carries less than estimated loads. The maximum speed is 64 km / h. The maximum economy velocity (when fully loaded and at a 10% gradient) is 40 km / h. This is a summary of this giant truck, which is the largest in the world and strength.

Powered by two 16-cylinder diesel engines with a total capacity of 3,400 hp. It is equipped with a payload capacity of up to 450 tonnes and the body of the truck is made of high-strength steel with a high level of corrosion resistance.

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The vehicle also has a hydro-pneumatic suspension system, which greatly improves the quality of the ride. The truck also comes with an advanced electronic control system that monitors the performance of the engine and provides feedback to the driver. It can also be equipped with additional safety features such as radar and anti-lock braking systems.



The BELAZ 75710 has many advantages over other haul trucks in the market. Here are some of them:


The truck’s large size and carrying capacity make it highly efficient, reducing the number of trips required to transport materials and lowering operational costs.


Advanced features, such as its suspension system and ergonomic controls, make it a safer and more comfortable vehicle for operators.


The truck’s robust construction and high-quality components make it a reliable and long-lasting machine that can withstand even the toughest mining conditions.


Future of BELAZ 75710

It is already a game-changer in the mining industry, and its future looks bright. BELAZ is constantly working to improve the truck’s performance and capabilities, and we will likely see even more advanced versions of the BELAZ 75710 in the future.


The BELAZ 75710 is a true engineering marvel, a giant among haul trucks that has revolutionized the mining industry. Its advanced features, massive carrying capacity, and impressive performance make it a valuable asset for any mining operation.

As technology continues to advance, we can only imagine what the future holds for this incredible machine.


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Watch the Largest Truck in the World BELAZ 75710 (Video)

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