UR Browser Download Free 2023 Best for Windows and Mac


UR Browser allows you to customize your browser, browse the web safely, and enjoy many great features! UR Browser is a fast and free web browser that respects user privacy. 100% European-made, with VPN and built-in adblocker. Protect your data and privacy with UR.


A Comprehensive Review

is a free web browser developed by AdaptiveBee, a Romanian company. The browser is built on Chromium, an open-source platform that powers Google Chrome.  Designed to provide users with a safe, fast, and customizable browsing experience. In this article, we will take a closer look at UR Browser and its features.

Browser producer AdaptiveBee designs great web products for mobile and desktop users. Adaptive technology specialists, on a network full of content and options, users strive to customize. Bring the personalized web that people crave.

UR Browser Download Free 2023 Best for Windows and Mac
UR Browser Download Free 2023 Best for Windows and Mac


All Third-Party Cookies are Blocked

UR blocks these annoying little web crawlers.

Scan all Files for Viruses

Downloaded files are automatically scanned for viruses and malware.

Made in Europe

UR is based in the European Union, where user privacy is highly protected compared to other countries, such as the United States. This raises major privacy concerns, as most major technology companies are American.

No Alternative Facts

The new products displayed on the main screen are subject to strict content quality guidelines. Newsfeeds are strictly controlled, using only reputable news agencies (Reuters, BBC, AFP, and more) as sources.

You are Immediately Notified of Suspicious Sites

Suspected phishing sites, malware, or fake news will automatically trigger a warning before you enter the site.

Double Encryption

The RSA key size has been doubled to 2048 bits. This is especially important for the sites you transfer to for secure information, as well as when using real-time discussions, such as video chats.

Advanced Private Browsing

More than just your normal position: browse the web with regular tabs next to private browsing tabs, all in the same window. Websites you frequently visit in Private Browsing can be whitelisted so that your account automatically reloads as a private tab the next time you enter its title.

HTTPS Websites are Secure

UR requires websites to use HTTPS where possible. This encrypts all communications between the browser and the website, thus protecting your data at a higher level.

The Built-in VPN Helps You to Remain Anonymous

Create an encrypted network between your computer and the websites you access to keep your online tracks completely anonymous.

Nothing Has Been Reported to Google

The open-source Google icon, Chromium, has built-in monitoring of any internet browser that uses this code. Although UR is designed using Chromium, any feature that belongs to Google has been disabled.

Nobody is Looking at Your Searches

Qwant offers an alternative search engine that does not collect or share any of your personal information. Qwant is set as your default search engine, but you are free to customize your search engine in settings.

UR Browser Download Free 2023 Best for Windows and Mac
UR Browser Download Free 2023 Best for Windows and Mac

Installation and Setup

UR Browser is available for download on the official website. The installation process is straightforward and does not require any advanced technical knowledge. Once installed, the browser will automatically import bookmarks, passwords, and other settings from your previous browser.

During the setup process, users can choose between three privacy settings: Basic, Advanced, and Expert. The Basic setting blocks third-party cookies and disables website tracking. The Advanced setting adds protection against fingerprinting and social media trackers. The Expert setting blocks all trackers and cookies, and it also disables JavaScript. Users can also customize their privacy settings according to their preferences.


User Interface

Clean and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. The browser features a speed dial page that allows users to access their favorite websites with one click. The browser also has a built-in ad blocker that removes ads and pop-ups from websites. The ad blocker is customizable, and users can choose which ads they want to block.

The browser also has a download manager that allows users to manage their downloads. The download manager supports multiple downloads and can resume interrupted downloads. The browser also has a media grabber that allows users to download videos from websites.


Security and Privacy

Designed with security and privacy in mind. The browser uses HTTPS Everywhere, a security extension that encrypts all web traffic. The browser also has a built-in VPN that encrypts all web traffic and hides the user’s IP address. The VPN is free and unlimited, and it does not log any user data.

The browser also has a built-in anti-phishing tool that warns users when they visit a phishing website. The anti-phishing tool uses a database of known phishing websites to detect and block them. The browser also has a sandboxed environment that isolates web content and prevents malware from infecting the system.



UR Browser is highly customizable, and users can personalize their browsing experience. The browser has a theme gallery that allows users to choose from a variety of themes. The browser also has a wallpaper gallery that allows users to set up a custom background image.

The browser also has a built-in ad blocker that allows users to block ads and pop-ups. The ad blocker is customizable, and users can choose which ads they want to block. The browser also has a built-in VPN that allows users to hide their IP address and encrypt their web traffic.



Fast and responsive, and it performs well in benchmarks. The browser uses less memory than Google Chrome, and it has a smaller footprint. The browser also has a built-in performance optimization tool that improves the browser’s speed and responsiveness.



UR Browser is a fast, secure, and customizable web browser that provides users with a great browsing experience. The browser’s built-in security and privacy features make it a great choice for users who are concerned about their online privacy.

The browser’s customization options allow users to personalize their browsing experience, and the browser’s performance optimizations ensure a fast and responsive browsing experience. If you’re looking for a great web browser, give UR Browser a try!


Technical Details

  • Category: Internet Browsers
  • Software name: UR Browser
  • License: Freeware
  • Version: latest
  • File size: 1.4 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP / Mac
  • Languages: Multilanguage
  • Developer: AdaptiveBee
  • Official site: ur-browser.com

Download UR Browser Free 2023


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