TinyMediaManager Free Download 2024 the Best for PC and Mac


TinyMediaManager is a free and open-source media management application written in Java Swing. It was written to provide metadata for Kodi Media Center (formerly XBMC), MediaPortal, and Plex media server. Since it’s written in Java, the little Media Manager will run on Windows, Linux, and macOS (and more operating systems).


TinyMediaManager Free

Get data from TheMovieDB.org, Imdb.com, Ofdb.de, and HD-Trailers.net. Make an NFO that can be used with Kodi (XBMC) and MediaPortal. Rename files and folders automatically as you like. Organize movies into groups. Set artwork for movie sets. Support for NFO tags for movie collections for Kodi (XBMC) and MediaPortal.

It also supports TV Show management, including the renaming of episodes, adding artwork, and setting up NFO tags for Kodi (XBMC) and MediaPortal.

It can also set artwork for your favorite TV shows, automatically download episodes and season artwork, and even search TheMovieDB.org for TV series information. Finally, you can even manage your music library, including automatically downloading and setting up album artwork.

Find TV Shows and Episodes in subdirectories – Active Episode/Season Discovery. Get the data from TheTvDB.com / TheMovieDB.org / Imdb.com. Create an NFO for use with Kodi (XBMC).

TinyMediaManager Free Download 2024 the Best for PC and Mac
TinyMediaManager Free Download 2024 the Best for PC and Mac

Free Features

Supports command-line arguments. With this function, you can call functions from other tools. It will produce NFOs compatible with Kodi and MediaPortal as well as import NFOs written by other tools (such as EmberMediaManager). This allows easy migration to the Media Manager applet.

You can search, sort, and filter movies according to many criteria. This gives you quick access to the movies you are looking for. Supports organizing your file structure. You can rename movie files and folders to suit your needs. 

Represent groups of films that have some kind of connection to each other. Just think of the Harry Potter collection: it includes all the Harry Potter movies. It helps you organize your movies into movie collections.

It has a powerful engine for importing the file structure of your TV shows. It contains many regular expressions to find out loop and season information from file/directory names.

📌 Note: Java JRE is required.


How to Manage Movies


TinyMediaManager gets all the necessary metadata for your movies from TheMovieDB.org / Imdb.com / OFDb.de / Moviemeter.nl and more. It uses algorithms to search for the best possible match for your movie, which automatically downloads and adds to your local movie library.

This metadata includes movie posters, fan art, plot, cast and crew information, trailers, and much more. All of this metadata is used to enrich your local movie library and makes it easier to find movies of interest.



Artwork such as fanart/poster/clearart/disart/logos and more can be downloaded from TheMovieDB.org and Fanart.tv. These images can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating a movie poster or cover art for a DVD or Blu-ray, featuring on a fan page or blog, or just to use as wallpaper.

Fanart images are usually not made by professional graphic designers, but rather by fans of the movie who have a good eye for design. This means that there is often a range of different styles and designs available.



Get the list of available accessories for your movies from TheMovieDB.org and HD-Trailers.net. You can also find additional information about the accessories like movie ratings and reviews, release dates, and more. With these resources, you can find the perfect accessory to make your movie-viewing experience even more enjoyable.



OpenSubtitles will provide you with list of available subtitles for your movies. You can choose the language you require and download the subtitles to your computer to use with a media player.

The subtitles are provided by language professionals, so you can be sure of their accuracy and quality. You can even contribute to the translations by making corrections and submitting them to the website.


Edit Metadata

If you are unsatisfied with the scraper results, you can manually change all metadata/artwork/trailer. This can be done by selecting the movie or TV show in the library, and then clicking the Edit button at the bottom of the screen.

This will open an editing window where you can change the title, description, artwork, trailer, and other metadata. Once you have finished making your changes, click the Save button to save the changes.


Rename Movie Files

TinyMediaManager supports organizing the structure of your files. You can rename movie files and folders to suit your needs. It can help you to rename multiple files at once and maintain a consistent naming structure. It also has the option to preview the changes before they are applied.

Furthermore, it can automatically detect and identify movie information such as title, year, and director and use this to create custom file names. This helps you to quickly organize and find your movie files.

TinyMediaManager Free Download 2024 the Best for PC and Mac
TinyMediaManager Free Download 2024 the Best for PC and Mac

Powerful Search

You can search, sort, and filter movies according to many criteria. This gives you quick access to the movies you are looking for. The powerful search allows you to find movies quickly and easily. You can search by genre, actor, director, release date, rating, and much more. With the powerful search, you can quickly access the movie information you need.


Create NFOs

It will produce data for NFOs compatible with Kodi and MediaPortal, as well as import NFOs that were written by other tools (such as EmberMediaManager). This allows easy switching to tinyMediaManager. The NFOs created by tinyMediaManager are compatible with the most popular media centers, such as XBMC, Plex, and Windows Media Center.

They also contain detailed information about movies, TV shows, and music videos, including artwork, ratings, release dates, and other metadata. This data is also accessible in other applications, such as web browsers and mobile apps.

Additionally, TinyMediaManager can also generate thumbnails and previews of media files, which are often used to visually identify them.


Extracting Media Information

The MediaInfo library is used to extract technical metadata from your movie files (eg video codec, resolution, bitrate, aspect ratio, audio. It can be used for both local files and files on the Internet. It supports over 70 different file formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, DivX, FLV, OGG, and many others.

The library can also be used to extract detailed information about the video and audio streams, such as codec, bitrate, channels, sample rate, and language. It also provides information about the container format, such as duration, file size, and other attributes.


Technical Details

  • Category: Photos Editing Software
  • Software name: TinyMediaManager
  • The latest version
  • License: Open Source
  • File size: 65.1 MB
  • Operating systems: all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Core: 32/64-bits
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developed by: Manuel Laggner
  • Official website: tinymediamanager.org

Download TinyMediaManager Free


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