Sejda PDF Desktop Free Download 2023 The Best For You


Sejda PDF Desktop Free Download 2023 The Best For You

Sejda PDF Desktop: Simplify Your PDF Tasks

Are you tired of constantly switching between different PDF tools for different tasks? Do you wish there was comprehensive PDF software that could handle all your needs? Look no further than Sejda PDF Desktop.

It is a powerful software that offers a wide range of PDF editing and manipulation tools. From merging and splitting PDFs to compressing and editing text, it has got you covered.

A free, simple, and easy-to-use PDF management program for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Perform an impressively wide range of PDF tasks! You can download it directly from the official website at the end of the blog.


Getting Started

The first step to simplifying your PDF tasks with Sejda is to download and install the software. You can download it for free from their website and install it on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

Once you’ve installed it, you can start using it to edit and manipulate your PDFs. The software has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate and use.


How to write on a PDF file

  • Select your PDF document

Click ‘Upload’ to choose a file.

  • Type the text in the PDF

Check that the ‘Text’ tool is selected. To add text to a PDF page, simply click anywhere on the page.

  • Save your changes

Click the ‘Apply Changes’ button to apply the changes and then ‘Download’ the edited PDF document.


How to Edit a PDF on Mac

  • Editing your browser with our online PDF editor

Open the online PDF editor using Safari or your other favorite browser.

  • Editing with our Mac PDF Editor app offline

Download and install Sejda Desktop for Mac and edit your PDF files offline.

Sejda PDF Desktop Free Download 2023 The Best For You
Sejda PDF Desktop Free Download 2023 The Best For You


Converts PDF files to Office and Image formats

Convert PDF files to Word, Excel, and images. Convert images to PDF files.

Combine files into a single PDF

Visually merge and rearrange pages, and merge multiple PDF files. Switching and mixing odd and even page files.

Edit PDF files

Add, edit, or move text in your PDF file. Change the font type, size, and style. Insert, rearrange, move, or delete pages. Add signature text highlights and enter geometric shapes.

Split PDF files

Divide documents by pages. Extract separate documents. Divided by size, bookmarks, or text occurrences. Divide the two-page schematic scans.

Apply for PDF passwords and permissions

Add copy protection and modification to your PDF file. Include a password to protect your PDF from unauthorized access.

Compress a PDF file

Reduce the size of PDF files. Optimize images and resources.

📌 Note: Please keep in mind that PDF Desktop is free to use under everyday limits.

✔️ Also available for Mac and Linux

Sejda PDF Desktop Free Download 2023 The Best For You
Sejda PDF Desktop Free Download 2023 The Best For You

Why Choose Sejda PDF Desktop?

There are many reasons why you should choose it for your PDF editing and manipulation needs. Here are just a few:

Easy to Use

Simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use. Even if you’re not familiar with PDF editing software, you can quickly learn how to use it.

Wide Range of Features

A wide range of features can handle all your PDF tasks. Whether you need to merge, split, compress, or edit PDFs, it has got you covered.

High-Quality Output

When you use Sejda to edit or manipulate your PDFs, you can be sure that you’ll get high-quality output. The software uses advanced algorithms to ensure that your PDFs look great.

Affordable Pricing

Offers affordable pricing plans that make it accessible to everyone. You can choose from a free plan or a paid plan that offers even more features.


Pros and Cons

PDFs have become an essential document format for individuals and businesses alike. PDFs are widely used in various industries, from education to legal, and many others. However, editing PDFs can be challenging, and not all PDF editors provide the same features and functionalities.

This is where Sejda PDF Desktop comes in – a powerful and easy-to-use PDF editor. We will discuss the pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right PDF editor for your needs.



1. User-Friendly Interface

A simple and easy-to-use interface, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced users. Its user-friendly interface enables users to quickly navigate through the software’s various features, and it’s easy to understand how to perform specific tasks, such as editing or converting PDFs.

Additionally, IT offers helpful tooltips and guides throughout the software to make it easier for users to understand how to use each feature.

2. Wide Range of Features

Extensive range of features that allow users to perform various tasks, from editing to converting and merging PDFs. Some of its features include adding text, images, or links to PDFs, highlighting, underlining, or striking out text, and converting PDFs to different formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It also offers batch processing, enabling users to perform the same task on multiple PDFs at once.

3. Powerful OCR Tool

The optical Character Recognition tool allows users to convert scanned PDFs and images into editable text documents. This feature can save a lot of time and effort, especially when dealing with large documents that require editing or extracting text.

4. Multi-Platform Support

Sejda PDF Desktop supports various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used on different devices and platforms, enabling users to work on PDFs from their preferred devices.

5. Secure

A range of security features, including password protection and encryption, ensures that your PDFs are protected from unauthorized access. This feature is especially useful for businesses that deal with sensitive or confidential documents.



1. Limited Free Version

Limited free version that has basic functionalities. To access advanced features, such as OCR and batch processing, users need to purchase a subscription. This may not be ideal for users who require advanced features but have a limited budget.

2. No Mobile App

Not offer a mobile app, which can be inconvenient for users who need to work on PDFs on the go. However, the software’s web version can be accessed from mobile devices, but it may not offer the same functionalities as the desktop version.

3. Limited Integration with Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps make it difficult to transfer files between different software applications. This can be inconvenient for users who rely on multiple apps to perform their work.

4. No Ability to Edit PDFs in Real-Time

It does not offer the ability to edit PDFs in real-time, which can be a disadvantage for users who need to collaborate on a document simultaneously. However, Sejda PDF Desktop offers a commenting feature that enables users to leave feedback and suggestions on PDFs.


Final Thoughts

Sejda PDF Desktop is a powerful PDF editor that offers a range of features to help users edit, convert, and merge PDFs. Its user-friendly interface, extensive range of features, and multi-platform support make it a versatile tool that can be used by both individuals and businesses.

However, it also has some drawbacks, such as a limited free version, lack of a mobile app, limited integration with third-party apps, and no ability to edit PDFs in real time. These limitations may not be suitable for all users, especially those who require advanced features or need to work on PDFs on the go.

Overall, Sejda PDF Desktop is a great PDF editor that offers powerful features to help users manage their PDFs. Whether you need to edit, convert, or merge PDFs, it can help you do it quickly and easily. However, before purchasing a subscription, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and requirements to determine what is the right tool for you.


Technical Details

  • Category: Office Tools
  • Software name: Sejda PDF Desktop
  • License: Demo
  • The latest version
  • Program size: 233 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 / Mac / Linux, and others
  • Core: 32/64-bits
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: Eduard Weissman
  • Official website:

Download Sejda PDF Desktop Free


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