Minecraft Server Free Download 2023 New for Windows and Mac


Minecraft Server is a popular sandbox game app that allows users to easily share their custom multiplayer games. The application is especially useful for players who want to create their servers in a LAN environment, where a single computer serves the need for a dedicated MP server, and other players join it from within the game interface.

In its current state, the app offers a simple way to start a virtual server type for Minecraft, but it lacks a GUI that can help users customize the server easily.

The user interface of Minecraft Server is very simple. When the application is launched, users are greeted with the main dashboard that displays the activity of the automatically generated Minecraft server.

The dashboard is separated into three panels – the stats area where server information is located (which includes current memory usage, CPU usage, average server hash rate, and a list of packets transferred), and the ‘log and chats’ area, where everything needed is displayed Server reports, and finally, the ‘Players’ area which will list all players currently online.

Minecraft Server Free Download 2023 New for Windows and Mac
Download 2023 New for Windows and Mac

Features and Highlights

This app is coded in Java and lacks any customization options within the GUI dashboard.

If you want to customize the server, you have to go to the installation directory of the application and locate the text properties file.

You can easily unlock various features that can promote new forms of sandbox gameplay.

(Flying, Difficulty, Maximum Number of Players, Monster Breeding, Display Distance, PvP, Level Seed, and many other features).

📌 If you want to run your own multiplayer Minecraft server, first make sure that you can use Java from the command line.

To get your server up and running and stay out of trouble, you should at least know the following:

  • Configure your network
  • Use the command line and modify the settings files
  • Configure your system
  • Networks in general (IP, DHCP, ports, etc.)
  • Configure your router (if you want other people to connect over the Internet)


Update, Download, and Create

Update to the latest version of Java

To get things started, we need to make sure we’re running the latest version of Java. Fortunately, this is easy. Head to the Java website and click on ‘Check Java Version’. This will check to see what version you’re running and set you up with a newer one if you’re using an older version.


Download Server File

  • Create a folder on your desktop named ‘Minecraft Server’. Next, go to the website.
  • Click on the ‘Minecraft_server.1.17.jar’ link to download the server file.
  • Move this file and double-click to launch the server folder.

📌 Note: If you are using the Chrome browser, you will probably say that this is a virus. Since it’s from the official Minecraft website, it’s not, so don’t panic.


How to Start a Server by Creating a Batch File

  • When you run a Java file, you will see a lot of new files in your Minecraft server folder.
  • We first need to accept the terms of the end User License Agreement (EULA) for everything to work.
  • Find and open in Notepad a file called EULA.
  • Find the line ‘eula = false’ and change it to ‘eula = true’ and hit Save.
  • Open a new Notepad file. Copy the following text and insert it into the new empty file in Notepad:
  • Java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.1.17.jar nogui.
  • Next, you’ll need to change that to the name of the Java file you downloaded from the website. In our instance, it was ‘server.jar’, therefore our line of text would be:
  • Java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar server.jar nogui.
  • Save and close the notepad file. Next, rename this Notepad file to ‘ServerStart.bat’ (without quotation marks).

📌 If everything runs without a hitch, double-clicking this file should launch the Minecraft server via a CMD window (also known as a command window). To terminate the server, go to the command window and type ‘stop’. Easy reading?

Minecraft Server Free Download 2023 New for Windows and Mac
Download 2023 New for Windows and Mac

Join a Minecraft Server

If you are running the server on the same computer, download Minecraft and take advantage of multiplayer.

  • Click Direct Connect and you will see a box asking for the server address. This next part is quite complicated so check it out carefully. Type ‘0’ in this field and click “Join Server.”


About Creating a Minecraft Server

There are a few things to know before running to create your permanent online world.

  • Modify the Server Properties of the text file in the server folder to your liking.
  • To join your server from outside the home, the code they will need is your IPv4 plus some additional numbers.
  • To find your IPv4 number, simply search for ‘What is my IPv4 number?’ On Google. Each IPv4 number is machine-specific. Therefore, our number will be different from your computer. You should get something like 100.20.511.282.
  • Use your IPv4 and then add the colon ‘25565’ and finish with such a thing: 100.20.511.329:16219.
  • Your version of the number above is your server address that other players will need to enter when joining.
  • You must transmit your router ports so that you may join other gamers to allow access from other parties.


Minecraft Worlds

Alternatively, if you’ve read all of this, and it seems like a lot of effort, or you’re concerned about security concerns about giving out your computer’s address, Minecraft Java Edition. Minecraft Windows 10 domains provide a more secure way to manage a server hosted elsewhere. For about $8 a month.

Minecraft Server is 100% free and optimized for use on all modern versions of the Windows operating system.

One of the software’s downsides is its lack of a full GUI means that users have to waste their time fiddling with backend files to achieve the intended configuration of the server.

📌 Note: Although Minecraft Server is light and fast, the performance of host computers more and more than connected players rises. If users want to create very large multiplayer environments, it is recommended to run this application on a modern PC.

Minecraft Server Free Download 2023 New for Windows and Mac
Download 2023 New for Windows and Mac

Technical Details

  • Category: Games
  • Software name: Minecraft Server
  • License: Free
  • The latest version
  • File size: 6.3 MB
  • Core: 32/64-bit
  • Operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and other systems
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developed by: Mojang AB
  • Official website: minecraft.net


System Requirements
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 3470 3.2GHz / AMD X8 FX-8350 4GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GTX 660 1 GB / AMD HD 7870 1 GB
  • HDD: + 1 GB

Download Minecraft Server Free


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