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The Ultimate Privacy Solution for Internet Users

In this era of digitalization, our lives revolve around the internet, which has made things simpler, easier, and more convenient. However, the internet is not always safe and secure, and there are numerous risks associated with it.

Hackers, cybercriminals, and other malicious entities are always on the lookout for opportunities to exploit the weaknesses in the system and access users’ sensitive information. This is where the Epic Privacy Browser comes in as a savior.


What is Epic Privacy Browser?

It is the first Chromium-based web browser (such as Google Chrome) designed to protect your privacy. Epic in ‘Private Browsing Mode’ is always on, so when the application is closed, all browsing data is deleted.

The app removed all Google tracking and banned hundreds of other companies from tracking you. If you run the tool’s cipher agent, you are protected from snooping by hackers, hunters, ISPs, governments, and employees as well.

Does not use any web services. The auto fill-in is done via a local database, so the tool never sends what you type in the address bar to any server. It never records your records except for the forward/backward tab, so there is no record on your system after closing the tab you visited that webpage.

(This site may have stored login cookies that were deleted when the app was closed). The tool’s proxy doesn’t score anything – although not specific to design different from the TOR network – keep using an encrypted proxy instead of TOR because it’s much faster and safer (2-3% of the TOR exit nodes were found to be malicious). ‘

Epic Privacy Browser 2023 Download Free for PC and Mobile
Epic Privacy Browser 2023 Download Free for PC and Mobile

The Internet Privately!

A free Chromium-based browser developed by Hidden Reflex. With this browser, you can enjoy anonymous browsing as well as private browsing. Since it prevents unauthorized websites from capturing your data, you can expect a safe and high-quality browsing experience.

Simply put, the aim is to block your access to anything that could jeopardize your privacy. In addition, it stops more than 600 tracking attempts in one browsing session. While using Epic, you can communicate and interact safely online.


Offers Complete Security from Tracking Attempts!

Designed by Chromium, Epic Browser is an open-source project by Google. The Internet giant Chromium is used to provide developers with source code for Google Chrome. Among the popular web browsers that depend on the Chromium architecture are Brave and Opera.



  • While browsing the internet, you encounter most threats by trying to exploit your privacy via tracking devices, ads, ultrasound signals, encryption, fingerprints, and more. At first glance, these tasks seem harmless.
  • However, they use your private information like IP address, browser history, ISP, DNS cache, etc. In some cases, hackers may even attempt to obtain your bank account details using harmful elements.
  • It is worth noting that even the most popular, reliable, and secure websites release more than 3000 tracking files on Windows computers. Most of them are intended for advertising purposes, which can be manipulated by hackers and companies.
  • Fortunately, it acts as a blocker for 11 notable privacy leaks. Safe and Secure Browser successfully removes URLs, tracks bar titles, bug tracking, and installation tracking. In addition, all suggestions made to the user’s address bar come from a database locally stored on the computer.
  • Also stops WebRTC IP address tracking and leaks.

  • To ensure consistent security, the browser keeps the ‘Do Not Track’ button turned on. Moreover, it maintains referrer header data, especially at all times.
  • One of the most interesting features is that the Epic Browser comes with VPN servers. While it is only limited to 8 countries, it is a good addition to the browser. With a VPN, users can reverse their local IP addresses in a different location to access blocked websites and have fast internet speed.
  • The app prohibits fingerprint scripts and functions such as image canvas data access for your protection, which no browser extension can do. There is no set of browser settings and extensions that provide the same level of protection, not to mention the ease and speed of use that the program provides.
  • Unfortunately, any browser extension has access to your entire browsing and search history. While many followers may protect you, they often collect and sell your data to others – so browser extensions may reduce your privacy and security rather than improve them.
  • A fast, simple, and functioning private browser. When you use the encrypted proxy tool, your data is encrypted and hidden from the government, Internet service providers, Google, employers, and hundreds of data collectors.
  • When the application is closed, there is no easily accessible record of your browsing history on your computer. ‘We think what you are browsing should always be private.’

Also available for Mac

Epic Privacy Browser 2023 Download Free for PC and Mobile
Browser 2023 Download Free for PC and Mobile

Why Should You Use Epic Privacy Browser?

There are numerous reasons why you should consider using it as your go-to web browser. Here are some of the reasons why Epic is the ultimate privacy solution for internet users:

1. Enhanced Privacy

Users with enhanced privacy features ensure that their online activities remain private and secure. The browser comes with an inbuilt proxy, an ad-blocker, encryption of DNS queries, HTTPS Everywhere, and a one-click deletion of browsing history, among other features. These features ensure that your online activities are private, and no one can access your sensitive information.

2. Fast and Efficient Browsing

It comes with an ad-blocker that speeds up your browsing experience by reducing the amount of data your browser needs to load. This feature ensures that you can browse the internet faster and more efficiently.

3. User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use, even for people who are not tech-savvy. The browser is easy to navigate, and its features are well-organized, making it easy to access and use.

4. Cross-Platform Compatibility

Compatible with different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. This compatibility ensures that you can use the Browser on any device you have, making it convenient for users who use different devices.

5. Open-Source Code

An open-source browser, which means that anyone can review its code and ensure that it is secure. This feature ensures that the browser is secure and that there are no hidden backdoors or vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals.

6. No User Tracking

Unlike other web browsers that collect users’ data and sell it to third-party advertisers, it does not collect any user data. The browser does not track your online activities or collect any sensitive information, ensuring that your online privacy remains intact.


How to Install Epic

Installing is a simple process. Follow these steps to install the browser on your device:

  1. Visit the homepage.
  2. Click on the “Download Now” button to download the browser.
  3. Once the download is complete, open the installer file.
  4. Follow the instructions provided in the installer to install the browser.
  5. Once the installation is complete, launch the browser and start browsing the internet with enhanced privacy and security.



In conclusion, Epic Privacy Browser is the ultimate privacy solution for internet users who want to ensure that their online activities remain private and secure. The browser comes with numerous features that enhance privacy and security, including an inbuilt proxy, ad-blocker, encryption of DNS queries, HTTPS Everywhere, and a one-click deletion of browsing history.

Using it ensures that your online privacy remains intact, and you can browse the internet faster and more efficiently. So, download Epic Privacy Browser today and enjoy a secure and private browsing experience!


Technical Details

  • Category: Internet Browsers
  • Software name: Epic Privacy Browser
  • License: Freeware
  • Version: latest
  • File size: 1.7 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows 11,10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Mac, Android, iOS
  • Kernel: 32/64 bit
  • Languages: Multiangular
  • Developer: Hidden Reflex
  • Official site: epicbrowser.com

Download Epic Privacy Browser 2023


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