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Download ASUS WebStorage 2021 Free for Computer and Mobile

Download ASUS WebStorage 2021 Free for Computer and Mobile

ASUS WebStorage is a cross-platform support application designed as a personal cloud storage solution. WebStorage allows you to access and manage digital documents, play music and video, and view photos from your personal online storage.

With ASUS WebStorage, you can resume downloading where you left off after disconnection, no need to start over! It provides password-backed file sharing for ultimate comfort and security! Back up your files in a snap with fast and easy uploading from any computer, NAS, or server to the cloud! All-new interface, completely new experience. Enjoy instant access and instant comfort now.

It supports 7 different operating systems and 4 browser environments, allowing seamless access and file transfer between different devices. Files are available anytime, anywhere, switch devices as desired. The web interface of the application supports all drag and drop operations and right-clicks that you know. Just click and use, no new tricks to learn! Cloud access has never been simpler!

Download ASUS WebStorage 2021 Free for Computer and Mobile
Download ASUS WebStorage 2021 Free for Computer and Mobile


  • It provides previews of documents, photos, videos, and music, as well as comment support for notes or reviews.
  • No need to waste storage on the program just to view a file and save it for something better!
  • View your files anywhere, regardless of network connection.
  • Starred files can be starred for offline viewing, so you can view your files anywhere, with or without Wi-Fi.
  • ASUS WebStorage allows you to share any file, photo, video, or music all over the world through a share link only. Do not let the distance come between you and your loved ones!
  • Share and send! Enable mobile upload to send a copy of your photo to the cloud when the shutter is pressed.
  • Create a full backup of the data on your computer, so that your important files remain safe even when the hard drive fails.
  • Easily restore your backups to a specific location, making everything simple and straightforward.
  • Protects your files against the risk of infection with viruses

Files are scanned for viruses when loaded, and infected files are immediately isolated and tagged. Infected data cannot be downloaded or shared, which prevents further infection from spreading. The app applies (NIST Advanced Encryption AES) standard to encrypt all content and file names from your cloud uploads. Excellent encryption and protection.

  • Leaves enough space on your hard drive

The remote drive is similar to the default thumb drive on the cloud. Keep rarely used files on the remote drive to free up hard disk space. Files can be opened directly from Remote Drive when needed. Allow cloud files to stay in the cloud and expand your computer’s storage immediately.

Download ASUS WebStorage

Download ASUS WebStorage 2021 Free for Computer and Mobile
Download ASUS WebStorage 2021 Free for Computer and Mobile

Technical Details

  • Software name: ASUS WebStorage
  • Category: Participation Programs
  • Version: latest
  • Posted: June 22
  • License: Freeware
  • File size: 15.6 MB
  • Operating systems: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 and Mac / Linux / Android / iOS
  • Languages: Multilanguage
  • Developer: ASUS Cloud Corporation
  • Official site:

Download ASUS WebStorage 2021 Free

ASUS WebStorage for Windows / Mac / Linux / Android / iOS


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