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Download Ashampoo Backup 2021 Latest Free Version

Download Ashampoo Backup 2021 Latest Free Version

If you have stared at a black screen because your Windows system has refused to boot, then you will appreciate the value of regular backups. It can be so easy! Backups will protect you from impending data loss, as is caused by ransomware, the operating system, or damaged disks.

Ashampoo Backup 2021 is a backup program for saving files. Backup and restore entire partitions and disks in just a few clicks. Take advantage of automatic backups and restore files without any problems with the built-in rescue system!

Download Ashampoo Backup 2021 Latest Free Version
Download Ashampoo Backup 2021 Latest Free Version
  • Full backups in just a few clicks.
  • Restore even corrupt or infected systems quickly and easily.
  • No more data loss with always updated backups.

Backup entire sections easily

Ashampoo Backup 2021 is super easy to operate – because it focuses on its core strengths. It takes just a few clicks to create backups of entire disk partitions and restore them. Just select partitions and specify the time and output location for backups, and you are ready to go – no previous experience is required! It’s a really reliable backup software! Download Ashampoo Backup 2021 Latest Free Version

Additional automatic updates

What is the benefit of backing up when their files are desperately outdated? With Ashampoo Backup 2021, your backups will always be up to date due to additional automatic updates.

Your archives will always contain the latest edits without you having to do anything. It’s a backup program because it’s supposed to be, and it does its job!


Easily restore data

Ashampoo Backup 2021 features a dedicated rescue system that works even with extremely corrupt disks. You can always restore your files directly through the program’s interface, but if a disaster strikes, you’ll be ready for it with bootable CDs or flash drives created by the program! Even when the ransomware is completely shut down from your system, your rescue disk will not only boot your computer but safely recover your data.

Download Ashampoo Backup

Data integrity

Ashampoo Backup 2021 is very lightweight, you will hardly notice it running. Your backup history is automatically updated in the background without slowing down your device. But if you need the full power of your computer, the program will automatically stop.

And resume at a later time when the workload becomes lighter. Even hard drives larger than 2 TB are supported to accommodate massive backups. Of course, archives are constantly checked to ensure the integrity of the files.


All supported local storage devices

With Ashampoo Backup 2021, you can determine where to store backups, whether it’s a local network or an external drive. This backup software is designed as a fire extinguishing and memorable solution for users; who don’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about file security. It’s the easiest backup software on the market. Once set up, Backup 2021 does the heavy lift on its own. Try it today, you won’t be disappointed!

Download Ashampoo Backup 2021 Latest Free Version
Download Ashampoo Backup 2021 Latest Free Version

Technical Details

  • Software name: Ashampoo Backup 2021
  • Category: File Storage Software
  • License: Trial
  • Version: The latest
  • Published Date: September 21
  • File Size: 87.61 MB
  • Operating Systems: All Windows operating systems
  • Languages: Multilingual
  • Developer: Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
  • Official website:

Download Ashampoo Backup 2021

Ashampoo Backup 2021 for Windows


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