Apache NetBeans Free Download 2023 for Windows and macOS


Empowering Developers with an Exceptional IDE

Apache NetBeans Free is a powerful and versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that has revolutionized the way developers create, debug, and deploy applications. Offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features, Apache NetBeans Free has become a go-to choice for developers across the globe.

In this article, we will explore its capabilities, its key features, and how it empowers developers to streamline their workflows and boost productivity.


What is Apache NetBeans?

It is a free open-source IDE for developers. You can get all the tools you need to create professional desktop, project, web, and mobile applications in Java, C / C ++, and even dynamic languages ​​like PHP / JavaScript / Groovy / Ruby. It is easy to install and use directly from the box and works on many platforms, including Windows / Linux / macOS and Solaris.

The application greatly expands the capabilities of the command-line tool. It can execute the shell as a parameter, similar to the error correction factor, in debugging or running the application (only J2SE applications are currently supported, either Ant-based or Maven).

Quotes written in JShell can be redefined and tested, even if running. When the prototype is ready, it can be saved to a regular Java source file and merged with the project. Java Shell is a new utility included in JDK9 defined in JEP 222 to provide REPL (read-Eval-print-loop) capabilities to Java.

The tool provides a console-like user interface for Java Shell, which enhances the capabilities of the application editor. It can support the tool with the user project configured. The Java Shell is therefore set up to work with project categories and libraries, providing out-of-box autocomplete in the editor.

Apache NetBeans Free Download 2023 for Windows/macOS/Linux
Apache NetBeans Free Download 2023 for Windows/macOS/Linux

The Most Important Fixes and Improvements

  • Windows LAF: Small or huge GUI font size fixed on various HiDPI configurations.
  • Fix incorrectly sized component icons (radio buttons, checkboxes, project tree expansion handles, etc.) on various HiDPI configurations.
  • Fixed uneven borders on text components on non-integrated HiDPI scale factors, for example, 150%, dragging tabs of broken ( rearranged windows) on HiDPI screens.
  • The Toolbar Browser Icon takes advantage of the HiDPI Scale Optimization.
  • Simplified HeapView widget application.
  • Incorrectly positioned font width tag (for example, it appears at 82 characters instead of 80 characters), and inaccurate tab alignment.
  • This error was present in some zoom levels in the editor on Windows / Linux / macOS operating systems, including the non-HiDPI screen.
  • Fixed filenames in the Windows Projects window and the HiDPI screens have been fixed.


New NetBeans Features


Move AngularJS over the hyperlink from view to consoles. Many improvements to AngularJS in completing code between elements, such as completing code given specific properties in controllers. The implemented JavaScript code correction is supported in the text engine Nashorn (JDK 8+).

Java EE

New PrimeFaces Code Generators, for generating PrimeFaces structural CRUD applications complete with database connection. Tomcat 8.0 and TomEE support, including configuring data sources and JPA, JSF, and JAXRS-ready data, give more flexibility to JPA hints, which can be disabled, enabled, and change of warning level.


Android 4.4 WebKit debugging is supported for Cordova 3.3+. New Karma Test Runner support and new Grunt Build support. Avatar.js is available at Plugin Manager via Tools Additions. After installation, you can create Avatar.js projects.


JDK 8 Support: Tools and Editor Improvements for Working with Profiles, Lambdas, and Streams. Java SE Embedded support for deploying, running, debugging, or identifying Java SE applications on an embedded device, such as Raspberry PI, directly from the application’s IDE. Java ME Embedded 8 support.


Improved Windows flexibility, such as splitting the editor by dragging and dropping, and a new API to customize the editor’s tabs. New user interface design for managing project groups. Files in folders can be sorted by extension.

Outstanding performance

New Maven chart layout changer. Navigator displays POM goals and Maven performance improvement when restarting web applications. Improved Maven performance for ‘applying code changes’ during error correction.

Improvement and development

Profiler optimizations: a profile on embedded platforms, showing the thread acquisition screen for competition lock, and enhanced threading. Version improvements: Support for Subversion 1.8 business versions, various Git improvements, and Mercurial support. Task tables and other new features in the task tracker window for errors.


PHP 5.5 support. Improvements to Twig, Latte, and Neon. A composer powered by a new project wizard.

C / C ++

New Breadcrumbs feature for navigating the editor. A new GDB controller to enable the use of the GDB command line mode. New hints and code complete. Remote performance improvement. Download Net Beans IDE Offline Installer Setup!

📌 Note: Requires Java Development Kit.

✔️ Also available for Linux / macOS / Solaris.

Apache NetBeans Free Download 2023 for Windows and macOS
Apache NetBeans Free Download 2023 for Windows/macOS/Linux

How Apache NetBeans Free Empowers Developers

Streamlined Development Workflow

It offers a unified environment for development, debugging, and deployment. It eliminates the need for developers to switch between multiple tools, making their workflow more efficient. Providing all the necessary features in one IDE enables developers to focus on writing code and delivering high-quality applications.

Enhanced Productivity

The IDE’s intelligent code editing features significantly boost productivity. With code completion, developers can save time by having the IDE automatically suggest code snippets and methods based on the context. The IDE’s powerful refactoring tools make it easy to modify code structures without introducing errors, further enhancing productivity.

Collaboration and Community Support

Being an open-source project, it has a vibrant and active community. Developers can seek help, share their knowledge, and collaborate with fellow developers through forums, mailing lists, and social media channels. This supportive community ensures that developers can get assistance and guidance when facing challenges during their development journey.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Benefits from the continuous improvement efforts of its community and the Apache Software Foundation. Regular updates and releases ensure that the IDE stays up to date-with the latest technologies and frameworks. Developers can take advantage of new features and enhancements, keeping their development experience cutting-edge and future-proof.

Integration with Tools and Frameworks

Integrates with popular tools and frameworks, further enhancing its capabilities. It supports integration with version control systems like Git, enabling developers to manage their source code efficiently. The IDE also provides support for popular Java frameworks such as JavaFX, Spring, and Hibernate, simplifying the development process for Java applications.

Extensive Plugin Ecosystem

The plugin ecosystem is vast and diverse. Developers can customize their IDE by installing plugins that cater to their specific needs. Whether it’s additional language support, framework-specific tools, or code generators, the plugin ecosystem offers a wide range of options. Developers can easily discover and install plugins directly from the IDE, expanding its functionality to suit their requirements.

Documentation and Learning Resources

Provides comprehensive documentation and learning resources to help developers get started and master the IDE. The official website offers tutorials, guides, and a rich knowledge base that covers various aspects. Additionally, numerous online communities, blogs, and video tutorials created by the user community provide valuable insights, tips, and tricks for leveraging the full potential of the IDE.

Continuous Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing and ensuring the quality of software applications are crucial aspects of the development process. It includes built-in support for testing frameworks, such as JUnit, allowing developers to write and execute unit tests seamlessly.

The IDE provides real-time feedback, highlighting test failures and errors, and helping developers identify and rectify issues promptly. This integration with testing frameworks promotes a test-driven development approach and contributes to the overall quality of the codebase.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

It is designed to be cross-platform compatible, supporting major operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux. Developers can use the IDE on their preferred platform without compromising functionality or performance. This flexibility ensures that developers can work in an environment that suits their preferences and enhances their overall development experience.

Transitioning from NetBeans

For developers who have been using the original NetBeans IDE, transitioning to Apache NetBeans is a smooth process. The core features and familiar interface maintain the essence of the original NetBeans IDE while introducing new enhancements and improvements. The transition allows developers to continue leveraging their existing knowledge and skills while benefiting from the latest updates and the active Apache community.



Apache NetBeans is an exceptional IDE that empowers developers with its robust features, versatility, and open-source nature. From its multi-language support and smart code editing capabilities to advanced debugging tools and an extensive plugin ecosystem, it provides a comprehensive development environment for developers of all levels.

With a strong focus on streamlining workflows, enhancing productivity, and fostering collaboration, it is a valuable tool in the arsenal of modern developers. Whether you are a Java developer, web developer, or working on other programming languages, is a powerful and free choice that can elevate your development experience to new heights. So why wait? Start exploring the possibilities today!


Technical Details

  • Software name: Apache NetBeans
  • Category: Utility Tools
  • License: Open Source
  • Version: latest
  • File size: 194 MB
  • Kernel: 32/64-bit
  • Operating systems: All Windows, Mac, and Linux systems
  • Languages: Multilanguage
  • Developer: Apache Software Foundation
  • Official site: netbeans.apache.org

Download Apache NetBeans Free 2023


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